Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hairpin Lace Bookmarks

Hairpin Lace sounds so elegant and looks very difficult. I have always admired how beautiful hairpin lace looks. So, this past summer I decided to learn how to do hairpin lace bookmarks.
After I had made one, I realized it is quite easy and quick to make. Below are my pictures of bookmarks I have made and are working on.

This is the Hairpin Lace part of the bookmarks I make. It twirls until I get the next round on.

This is the bookmark with the second round added. After the second round is added, it has much more consistency.
All the twirls are gone now.

Here is the bookmark with the last round added. Beautiful!!

(I made this one for my son. Can you tell he is a Cincinnati
Bengals Fan?)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Decorative Boards

Boards have become one of my favorite ways to communicate with people on a large scale. I use them for all sorts of reasons, but at this stage in my life, mostly for pleasure. I made a decorative board last year to start a business selling my needle art works.

Overall, I was pleased with my attempts. There is a place to hang cards, doilies, or tatting objects. I also left room for business cards and a display area to a fix items to the board. Below are close ups of the individual areas on the board for closer observation.

These are my hanging doilies and tatted crosses.

These are my homemade cards either made by rubber stamping or decorated with my tatted flowers and objects. I am making a decorative board with my tatting only and will post it at a later date.
Happy tatting and Good Day to You!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Quilting Projects

My daughter and I wanted to sew a few projects. We are working on our project list which somehow has become rather long. Here are a few pictures of our first projects.
We saw this bag in a Quilting shop close to out home. They found the pattern in a quilting magazine. The pattern is called The Big Bag Theory. My purse is 4 squares wide by 4 squares tall on both sides. It is the same size as the pattern calls for. It is rather big, but a wonderful bag to carry my projects in.

My daughter was able to have one made just from the scraps left over from mine. I did make hers smaller though. Hope you enjoy!

Monday, August 23, 2010


Trying to learn something new takes time and effort. Two things I am short on these days. I am going to keep adding new posts occasionally.


I am teaching myself how to blog. Have patience with me as I start to post pictures and such.