Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Jewelry Pouches for My Daughter

I made these for some Christmas gifts last year.
My daughter wanted one so here I am finally getting around 
to making her one.
I had enough fabric so make several extra ones.
They are easy to make.
Enjoy the steps of making a jewelry pouch with my
pictures below.

1. cut circles of contrasting fabric two at 12" and two at 8.5"

2. Iron in half.
 3. Sew buttonholes on outer portion of 12" circle approximately 3/4" from outer edge.

4. Sew the 12" circles right sides together.  
Then do the same for the 8.5" circle.
I used a 1/4" seam.

5. Then cut a hole into the center to turn the right side out.
Iron flat.

6. Sew the outside edge of the 12" circle  2 times for the ribbon.
7. Lay the two circles on top of one another and stitch together.
I used the green pattern in the picture for my "bottom" and stitched around it
then made spokes away from the "bottom" to create the pockets.
8. Add the ribbon of choice for the drawstring and your all done.

Enjoy your finished project!!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Doilies for a delightful boy

I have three sons and enjoy each of them.  I have always made items for them since they were young.
Although the two oldest do not ask for many items any more, I still have a young son (5 yr) that still wants me to make him something.  He asked for some doilies quite a while back and I was able to make three.
The problem I had was that it was a set of six and I never felt like I completed the project for him.
Since this is going to be my year of UFO's getting done, I picked the three remaining doilies as my last project.
Guess what???  Now the three doilies are a completed project.  YEAH!!!!
It feels so good to me to complete something and not leave it lying around like I have done for so many other projects.
Now for some pictures.

A shelf to display his doilies (and his animals)

Happy Crocheting!!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Santa Pillow

Santa Pillow

I found this pattern for a Santa Pillow.  The name of the pattern is Santa Pillow by Bernat.  
It was a free pattern at my local Jo-Ann Fabric Craft Store.  My mother collects Santa's.  
I made her one and then my kids start chiming in about wanting one
also.  So I have made another one.  This one is for my youngest son.
It will be a wonderful Christmas decoration in his home someday.
Enjoy the pictures.

He is pretty cute.
Happy Crocheting to you!!!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Crocheted Baby Blanket

Thank you to all who leave comments.
I do appreciate them.  It is nice to share my delights
with others who like the same things as I do.
Happy Crocheting!!!

Baby Blanket in Pink

I made a baby gift for my neighbors who had their first baby.
I do like the circular baby blanket.  It is just like making
a doily for a table.  I hope they enjoy the blanket.
Here are some pictures.

Here is the book the pattern came out of.
The pattern is Purely Delightful