Thursday, March 22, 2012

February - March 2012 update

Hello to all!!!  I have made or finished a few things lately, but just cannot seem to find the time to post.
I finally finished my 3rd Santa Pillow.  I am not sure of its future yet.  Would you like to buy it?
I might try to sell it or keep it for one of my children. 

Below is my recognition of St. Patrick's Day.  I made it into a necklace and then forgot to 
take a picture of me wearing it.  I want to make another on like Marilee Rockley did
on her site with beads.  Maybe soon.....
This is a free pattern.

 Another tatted bookmark I made from Lisbeth thread.
I did not design it.  It came out of the book Tatting Doilies & Edgings 
edited by Rita Weiss on page 23.

A doily for my daughter.  It ended up very UK looking.
Such a nice blue.  The pattern came out of a Decorative Crochet
Magazine and is called Small and Lovely on page 13.
This last project I have made lately is for Easter.
Small barrettes made into bunnies for little girls.
Such fun.  I bought one of these from someone
who had made one and then made some for myself.
 Here is what I did:
cut 2 pink ribbon pieces at 2.75"
cut 1 pink ribbon piece at3.5"
cut 1 white ribbon piece at 7"
cut 1 white piece at 4"
cut 2 white pieces at 2.75"
cut 1 yellow ribbon piece at 4"
Then glue together as shown.
Complete project cost roughly 10 barrettes for $7, not counting my time.

 Happy Crafting to YOU!