Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Summer 2015

Summer Creations

  This is Noro yarn making a Josephine Shawl. It is turning out beautiful. I found this pattern for free from Ravelry.

 These hot pads are made with the Stir me Up Potholders by Pepperknit. It is dated 2010.
I love this pattern.  It is super easy and fairly quick.  :)
This is the Fast and Easy Cowl by Lion Brand Yarn. It was a free pattern when I got it.  I love the wonderful colors.  So Lovely!!

 I cannot remember this pattern.  I will find it and post it soon.  I love the yellow color.

 This is the Across the Heath Cowl.  I found this for free on Ravelry also.  I bought this gorgeous yarn, then went and found a pattern to make with it.  It is soft and wonderful.

 This is the Chickadee Cowl.  I also found this for free on Ravelry.  I really liked making this cowl.
It is the linen stitch.  Very pretty and I am looking forward to wearing it.

 This is a doily I made for a friend.  Doilies are my absolute favorite to make.  I love the delicateness of them. They add a wonderful touch to any house.

This is the Mosaios Cowl.  I bought the pattern and yarn at a local yarn shop. I was able to make 3 with the amount of yarn that the skeins had.  Yay!! My favorite colors: Blue and White.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

2014 Finished Objects - LATE!!

2014 Accomplishments - not much...

A Funky Hat for my baby
My inspiration for this hat came from a JC Penney coupon.
I saw a picture on the coupon and thought, I have to make a 
hat like that for my baby.  It will make such a cute
The pattern is from Diamond Crochet and Crafts.
The pattern name is Sack Hat with Pom-Pom Crochet Pattern.
It might be a pattern that cost $.  I cannot remember.

Spring Coats for my girls
These coats were made for my girls for Easter.
It was lots of fun to make matching crocheted creations for my
daughters.  The pattern is from the Crochet Today magazine,
March/April 2013 issue.

A Crocheted Hat for myself
I found this pattern on the Northern Girl Stamper & Boutique website.
The pattern name is Brown and Cream Crochet Hat.  
I love my hat and it was very fast to make.

Madelinetosh Cowl
Just a simple cowl using a new yarn.  I didn't have enough 
yardage, so it ended up a bit short, but I will still
wear it.

Mini Scarf (made with yarn from the fiber festival)
this pattern is from Ravelry.  The name is variegated mini scarf.  
It is super easy and I modified the pattern to fit my needs.

Red, White and Blue Shawl
I found a yarn I liked and then had to find a pattern.
The pattern is Confettis and Blare.
This pattern can be found on Ravelry.

A Crafting Review

 A Crafting Review
I am cleaning out my photos and uploading any 
craft picture I found.
These are probably picture from 2 years worth of crafting.
I apologize for the duplicates if there are any.