Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tatting Press

 To all my tatting friends out there, Ann over at has given me permission to 
barter for tatting presses.  If you know of someone who does 
not like to sew, I could sew and they could give me something 
I would like in return.  If you could pass the word around 
that would be great.  Thank You, Shannon

Purses for My Daughters

Silver Frame Purse

Sewing has become somewhat of a "new" old 
hobby for me lately.
My daughter has taken a liking to sewing herself and
I find myself making things for her continuously.
I bought the fabric to make two purses, but had 
enough leftover to piece together 5 more.  
I think they are adorable.
They turned out great and are easy to assemble.
You can find the pattern at 
by Connie Woo.

I am interested in selling the extra ones I have made. 
Although I do not have pictures (as of yet) of the extra 
ones I made, they will all look like the ones below except 
for the ruffle and sides.
I added some blue and purple fabrics for some extra pizzazz.
The prices are $15 for just the fabric purse 
(and you find your own handles) or 
$35 for the purse with the handles.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Cross Stitch Nativity

I have been trying to get some UFO's done at my house this summer.
This is the first to completion.  I made this item for my home.
It is a Lizzy Kate Design.  I like their designs
and all of them seem so cute.
I ended up enlarging this 2X.
Hopefully, someday soon I will be able to get it framed 
so that I may enjoy it by Christmas.
Happy Crafting!!!!