Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tatting Press

I am finally finished with my two tatting presses.
(I am sorry the pictures seem somewhat blurry,
I am not good with taking pictures.)
I am pleased with the outcome.
This second tatting press is for myself.
I like this idea so much.
Such a fun way to store my tatting and carry it with me.

I have already put my press to use.
I am working on a doily that uses size 30 thread.
It will be tiny when I am finished.
More pictures to follow of my doily.


New Items that I can't wait to make

Hello fellow bloggers!!! It has been quite a while since I have been able to make a post. Somehow, life gets in the way of what I want to do sometimes. My main job of taking care of my 5 children is time consuming. This week I have had to run lots of errands and had little time for much else. Anyway, today I was able to buy some NEW projects and hope to finish up one I have been working on lately. Here is a picture of a corner of my crafting area. It is loaded with projects that would take me 2 years to finish if I did not have children to care for. Needless to say, I have plenty of projects to keep my busy.
Here are two tatting presses that I have been working on. I only have the hand stitching to go.
Somehow, hand stitching is slow going for me. I am going to try and finish one of them today.
I will try to add pictures of the finished product. You can find this pattern at Nifty Needle.

Yummy!!! Here is some new thread I ordered to start a different project.
I want to make a seahorse dragon like this one.
I am also planning on making an Irish Crochet Bookmark.
Does anybody know where I can go to take a class for Irish Crochet.
I think it is so lovely and would love to broaden my skills in this area.

I found this pattern at my local quilt shop. I think these flowers are lovely.
I saw one at a local home interior shop for $7 a piece. I am going to make the
available for sale on this blog when I am finished with them.
I will sell them are pins for $5 plus shipping.

My daring daughter has taken an interest in sewing. I am planning on making this for her.
I think I might even get her to sew it together so that she we take some ownership of it.
I will post pictures of all my finished projects when I get them all sewn or tatted or crocheted up.
Have a great day. Leave comments. I love to hear from you.

Friday, April 8, 2011

25 Motif Challenge #3

Motif Challenge #3 has finally been done. I chose the recent Be-Stitched design by Nancy Tracy.
You can find the pattern here. I did make an adjustment to my medallion. I only put four rings in my chains around the outer edge. I used DMC thread #745 size 10. I like the yellow color also. It seems so bright and cheery. A nice gift for a spring day!