Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tatted Heart Bookmark and misc.

Just some pictures of recently made and finished projects.
I will add links and patterns in a few days.

Crochet Shawl

Finally finished!!!  YEAH!!! 
I started this about 3 months ago and it worked up quickly.
I thought to myself,  this will be done in no time....
Then I set it down and did not pick it up for a couple of weeks.
Anyway,  I am trying hard to finish the projects I have begun.
 This pattern is from Family Circle Easy Crochet Magazine Fall/Winter 2005.
The name of the pattern is Poncho and Cloche pattern #1.
Would this item be worthy to enter into a contest?
What are your thoughts/ides?

These are the makings of a pillow for darling daughter #2.
She like kitties and we found this cute fabric.  Then I went searching for
a simple pattern.  I found it on all people quilt.  I will add the link later.

This is a blackwork cat that I finished in January.
I made it for my daughter mentioned above.
I thought about entering it into the KY State Fair so I had to finish it
and this is how it turned out.  Do you think it is contest worthy?

The below hobby horse is for a baby gift to a friend.
As you can see, I am still in the process of working on the cording.
I found a great blog that explains how to finish ornaments like this.
Pinwheel Ponders.  It is great!!

Finally completely finished!!!

Happy stitching or crafting!!!!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tatted Heart Bookmark and other things

I found this Tatted Heart Bookmark directions on His Kid blogspot and fell in love with it.  You can see it here .
I made mine with all different shades of green since I have so many balls of green.  Here is my version.

If you would like to make this, here is the link to the pattern directions - here 

I always have too many projects going on at once.  
Here are some pictures of tatting, crochet and sewing items I have been working on and have finished. 

 I love to make these tatted crosses to give as gifts to people. 
They are easy to make and pretty.  I used Lizbeth thread size 20.

 A close up of my tatted cross.

 Quantieaque Snowflake
This is a Jon Yusoff design.  I made it in size 20 thread.
It is a very lovely design and not too hard to make. 
You should try it sometime.
Here is the pattern.

 I am sorry this picture is sideways.  This happens to me every time.
The picture is fine before I download and then after I download, it
is sideways. 

   This is a crocheted ring that I made with a pattern from a crochet magazine.  I will try to find the magazine and update later.
 This is a doily I am working on.  All I have left are some leaves around the edge and blocking.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Tatted Elephant and Crosses

Here are a few tatted items I have finished lately.


This elephant I tatted is by Jane Eborall. You can find the pattern

I am sorry these crosses are sideways, but when I downloaded them they 
switched on me.  I don't know why that happens, but they were the right 

This is a pair of earrings that I crocheted from and Interweave crochet supplement.
I used size 80 thread and they measure about 2" across.  They are pretty,
but were hard to work with since the thread was so small.  For the third motif,
I want to make a necklace out of it.