Wednesday, December 19, 2012

December Craftings

As always, I have been keeping my hands busy.  I find a few minutes here and there
and before you know it, I have a finished object.

 Handmade cards made by rubber stamping.

 A Christmas doily I made for my home.  The pattern is beautiful, but gets
lost in the variegated thread. I want to make another using a solid color.

 I made this cup holder/sleeve for one of my dear friends.
I hope she gets lots of use out of it.

 This is a deco mesh wreath I made for my front door.  I love the bow I made,
but not on this wreath.  Even though the bow has blue snowflakes in it, you cannot see them.
I changed the bow out, but did not get a new pic.  I will try to add one later.

Finally, I made a cowl for myself.  I know I look goofy, but my braces look worse.
Just a month longer and I will get my braces off.  Hooray!!!
The cowl keeps me warm in the cold.  I love it and very easy to knit.