Monday, July 30, 2012

New Projects

I know, I know I said this was the year to finish projects and not buy them....  But, I just had to make these things.  One of the item is crewel work and I have never done it before and wanted to try something new.  This is also a reminder of sorts to myself of how long it takes me to finish things.   

 The cover wrap is the one I want to make out of the yarn in the 1st picture.
 I am sorry this picture is sideways.  I changed it before I downloaded it and now it is goofy.
I wish I knew computers better so I could orient the pictures correctly.
Anyway, I want to knit a wrap for myself.  I get cool at church when the air conditioning 
is blowing and thought an elegant knitted wrap would be beautiful.

 A "new" craft for me to try - crewel work
The yarn above is hemp.  I saw this pattern below and thought I might try
to make these sandals for next summer for me.

This yarn is dyed by me and I will make some coasters and a 

I am excited to get started, but need to finish a few items I have had sitting around for some time now.  
Happy Crafting!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Yarn Dyeing

I wanted to try my hand at dyeing yarn.  I found a magazine with an article about dyeing yarn with Kool-Aid.
It was so easy.
I bought a skein of 100% Peruvian Highland Wool from Knit Picks.
I divided the skein into 4 different sections.
Then I got the Kool-Aid and yarn ready.
It was quite interesting.  I put the yarn in the Kool-Aid mix and then set them in the sun
to set.  When I went to get the yarn and bring it in, the water was clear and the yarn was colored.
Too Cool.  If you have never dyed yarn in the sun, try it sometime.  It was fun!

Here are a few before pictures.  I forgot to take pictures while the yarn was dyeing.
Therefore, I only have the beginning and final product.  Enjoy....

(For my info skein 220 yards/100grams, worsted weight,
4.5 -5 sts = 1" on # 6-9 needles, hand wash and dry flat)

 This is the magazine I read about how to dye yarn.
 Here is the specific article and my supplies.
My finished product.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Big and Easy Cowl

My recurring theme is to finish projects I have on hand.  I did that this weekend.  I bought this neat yarn by Lana Grossa and thought I would tackle making a cowl with it.  It is a chunky yarn and I was able to use size 17 needles.  It is a quick project except for the fact that the directions were wrong and I had to make the cowl 4 times.  I made it right the 2nd time and did not realize it and pulled it out only to make it incorrect the 3rd time to have to redo one final time.  Here are a couple of pictures:

 Happy Knitting!!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bernat Baby Blanket

I made a blanket for my son and all my other kids liked it so much, that I made one in girl colors.  It is made with Bernat Baby Blanket yarn and has a velour feel to it.  Oh so warm when you need something to cover up with and get warm.  Enjoy!!

More Christmas Trees

Felted Christmas Trees for my mom's Christmas decorating.

A Felted Christmas tree I made last Oct.

 Two more trees ready to be felted.
I will make a few more since I have leftover
yarn.  Hopefully, I will at least be able to 
make two.  The pattern for these knitted trees 
can be found in the 
Interweave Knit Gifts Holiday 2011. 
The before size of the medium tree is 16 in. tall 
and the small tree is 12 in.  I will post the size after
I felt also.  There is a large size, but that one is 
completely done and packed away in my mom's
Christmas decorations.

 A finished pillow I made for my youngest darling daughter.
I thought it turned out quite cute.
I did not make it "perfect" seeing as that it will
probably only last a few years before it is 
ready for the trash.

 This photo showcases a small blanket that I 
made to match  the pillow.
The pattern for this pillow can be found at All People Quilt.
It is called a Hour Glass Pillow.