Sunday, October 23, 2011

Update from summer....

My summer has flown by and I have not had a chance to post but one thing.  I have been busy doing this and that, but can't seem to find the time to download my pictures and update my blog.  

So here goes...

Here is all my wool yarn for a felted purse project.

One on the felted purses I have finished.  YEAH!!!
My second felted purse not quite done.

Second Purse almost complete

Here are some regular socks with a beaded edging added for my daughters.

Here is a close-up of a pair.

These socks were made for baby gifts for a friend and neighbor.

This is a purse I made for my daughter.  I had so much fabric left, I made 7 more.

The above purses are all from the same pattern.  I made 7 extra ones.
I am going to sell them.  The prices will be  $35 with handles and $15 without handles.

Pretty Felted Christmas Trees.  These are in the latest Interweave Knits Holiday Magazine.
Adorable isn't it.  It is the first of three.  This one will be the largest one.

Snowflake Dishcloth (crochet)

Several Snowflake dishclothes.  Christmas presents already completed.

 Happy Crafting to all those who visit.
I hope I can get to my tatting here soon.
I need 15 tatted Crosses for gifts.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Delightful Doily

While on vacation, I got to spend a little time crafting.  I made this doily and some snowflake dishclothes.
I will upload some pictures of the snowflakes later because I forgot to take pictures of them.

More coming later....  (I have to go run some errands)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tatting Press

 To all my tatting friends out there, Ann over at has given me permission to 
barter for tatting presses.  If you know of someone who does 
not like to sew, I could sew and they could give me something 
I would like in return.  If you could pass the word around 
that would be great.  Thank You, Shannon

Purses for My Daughters

Silver Frame Purse

Sewing has become somewhat of a "new" old 
hobby for me lately.
My daughter has taken a liking to sewing herself and
I find myself making things for her continuously.
I bought the fabric to make two purses, but had 
enough leftover to piece together 5 more.  
I think they are adorable.
They turned out great and are easy to assemble.
You can find the pattern at 
by Connie Woo.

I am interested in selling the extra ones I have made. 
Although I do not have pictures (as of yet) of the extra 
ones I made, they will all look like the ones below except 
for the ruffle and sides.
I added some blue and purple fabrics for some extra pizzazz.
The prices are $15 for just the fabric purse 
(and you find your own handles) or 
$35 for the purse with the handles.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Cross Stitch Nativity

I have been trying to get some UFO's done at my house this summer.
This is the first to completion.  I made this item for my home.
It is a Lizzy Kate Design.  I like their designs
and all of them seem so cute.
I ended up enlarging this 2X.
Hopefully, someday soon I will be able to get it framed 
so that I may enjoy it by Christmas.
Happy Crafting!!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Seahorse Dragon

It has been a while since I have posted anything.  Summer has hit at my house and it seems I am busy, busy, and busy.  I was able to get a few days away with my hubby and got to tat a little.  I have been wanting to make this for some time.  It worked up really easily and quick.  I made one in purple also, but misread the directions and am having to redo a part.  I will post the picture later.  I made this one with size 10 Lizbeth thread.  I will probably frame this when the time allows.  Have a happy tatting day!!

Seahorse Dragon for my son

Seahorse Dragon for my daughter

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Classic Cloche

Classic Cloche Hat

I made this hat for myself.  As I age, I like hats more and more.  I need to make some finishing touches with the underside of the brim.  I used the yarn from Knits Picks named Telemark.  It is the color Lazurite Heather.  This yarn is a 100% Peruvian Highland Wool.  The pattern is also a Knit Picks choice called Classic Cloche.  This pattern is very easy.  I did have to change my needle size down because the first time I made this hat, it was waaaaay too big.  I have enough yarn left over to make a second one for one of my daughters. Since this is my first time making a hat, I had trouble putting the Timtex into the brim and making it fit my head circumference.

My new classic cloche

It is a beautiful color and matches my eyes so well. 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tatting Snowflakes

For a new project, I ordered a snowflake book from Handy Hands and have been trying to make every one in the book. I have enjoyed tatting these snowflakes.I only have a few done so far, but will continue to add more as they are made.

Snowflake  #2
Motif #4
Motif #3
Snowflake #7

Hardanger Ornament

This post is a continuation of a previous post I made several days back.
  I had made a Hardanger Cross Bookmark and had fabric leftover.
Mmmm.....  What to do with leftover fabric?
  Make something else was my final decision.
I found this small motif or ornament in a book I had and decided to try it.
The name of the Hardanger book is A Nordic Christmas I In Hardanger Embroidery
by Members of the Nordic Needle Staff.
I think it turned out rather nicely.
I just need to add a few decorative beads in the big squares and 
some detail work to the center and I will be done.
I did go to the craft store today to find some beads, but when I 
got home I noticed they cost me $12.  That is too much
for 4 beads needed for this project.  I will try a different store tonight
to see if I can find anything else.
Hardanger Ornament

Unsquared Baby Throw

I have made a crocheted baby blanket for each of my children.  The one below is for my baby daughter who is turning 3 in September.  Yes, it has taken me that long to get it completed.  Although, I did start it a few months back and it is quite easy to crochet, I just can't seem to find the time to complete it.  I do feel accomplishment when done with a project there is that lag of all the finishing and sewing together.  Those are my least favorite parts.
This Unsquraed  Baby Throw is a free pattern from Lion Brand Yarn.
Hopefully, I can finish it this weekend!!!
Of course, it took me months....
Unsquared Baby Throw not together

How it will look when I am putting each section together

I am finally finished.  YEAH!!!  (July 2012)
Enjoy the finished product.  


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Treat Bags

 Tiny Treat Bags are from the magazine Quilts and More Fall 2010 issue.  I made these for fun and to try and sell.  My daughter made one of the pink and black bags for herself.  My daughter likes to sew so I thought this would be a great project for us to do together because of its level of difficulty - simple.  The black and white bags are very small maybe 1" wide x 3.5" across x 2.5" tall. The others are bigger at 1.5" wide x 4" across x 4" tall. They all turned out great and we enjoyed sewing together.

Finished Treat Bags
The Smallest Treat Bags
The Biggest Treat Bags
Happy Sewing!!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tatting Press - Again

 These are two new tatting presses I have made.  One is for me because I liked the fabric so much I wanted to make myself one.  The second one is for my darling daughter even though she does not tat yet.  She begged me to make her one.  I am happy with the outcome.  I did change this pattern to include a smaller width of ribbon.  I think I like it better than the wide ribbon.  I love the sea green fabric.  I think it is very nice.  

Sea Green Tatting Presses

Tatting Press Close Up

Tatting Press already in use.