Saturday, May 21, 2011

Classic Cloche

Classic Cloche Hat

I made this hat for myself.  As I age, I like hats more and more.  I need to make some finishing touches with the underside of the brim.  I used the yarn from Knits Picks named Telemark.  It is the color Lazurite Heather.  This yarn is a 100% Peruvian Highland Wool.  The pattern is also a Knit Picks choice called Classic Cloche.  This pattern is very easy.  I did have to change my needle size down because the first time I made this hat, it was waaaaay too big.  I have enough yarn left over to make a second one for one of my daughters. Since this is my first time making a hat, I had trouble putting the Timtex into the brim and making it fit my head circumference.

My new classic cloche

It is a beautiful color and matches my eyes so well. 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tatting Snowflakes

For a new project, I ordered a snowflake book from Handy Hands and have been trying to make every one in the book. I have enjoyed tatting these snowflakes.I only have a few done so far, but will continue to add more as they are made.

Snowflake  #2
Motif #4
Motif #3
Snowflake #7

Hardanger Ornament

This post is a continuation of a previous post I made several days back.
  I had made a Hardanger Cross Bookmark and had fabric leftover.
Mmmm.....  What to do with leftover fabric?
  Make something else was my final decision.
I found this small motif or ornament in a book I had and decided to try it.
The name of the Hardanger book is A Nordic Christmas I In Hardanger Embroidery
by Members of the Nordic Needle Staff.
I think it turned out rather nicely.
I just need to add a few decorative beads in the big squares and 
some detail work to the center and I will be done.
I did go to the craft store today to find some beads, but when I 
got home I noticed they cost me $12.  That is too much
for 4 beads needed for this project.  I will try a different store tonight
to see if I can find anything else.
Hardanger Ornament

Unsquared Baby Throw

I have made a crocheted baby blanket for each of my children.  The one below is for my baby daughter who is turning 3 in September.  Yes, it has taken me that long to get it completed.  Although, I did start it a few months back and it is quite easy to crochet, I just can't seem to find the time to complete it.  I do feel accomplishment when done with a project there is that lag of all the finishing and sewing together.  Those are my least favorite parts.
This Unsquraed  Baby Throw is a free pattern from Lion Brand Yarn.
Hopefully, I can finish it this weekend!!!
Of course, it took me months....
Unsquared Baby Throw not together

How it will look when I am putting each section together

I am finally finished.  YEAH!!!  (July 2012)
Enjoy the finished product.  


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Treat Bags

 Tiny Treat Bags are from the magazine Quilts and More Fall 2010 issue.  I made these for fun and to try and sell.  My daughter made one of the pink and black bags for herself.  My daughter likes to sew so I thought this would be a great project for us to do together because of its level of difficulty - simple.  The black and white bags are very small maybe 1" wide x 3.5" across x 2.5" tall. The others are bigger at 1.5" wide x 4" across x 4" tall. They all turned out great and we enjoyed sewing together.

Finished Treat Bags
The Smallest Treat Bags
The Biggest Treat Bags
Happy Sewing!!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tatting Press - Again

 These are two new tatting presses I have made.  One is for me because I liked the fabric so much I wanted to make myself one.  The second one is for my darling daughter even though she does not tat yet.  She begged me to make her one.  I am happy with the outcome.  I did change this pattern to include a smaller width of ribbon.  I think I like it better than the wide ribbon.  I love the sea green fabric.  I think it is very nice.  

Sea Green Tatting Presses

Tatting Press Close Up

Tatting Press already in use.  

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hardanger Cross

Today, I picked up an unfinished project.  This Hardanger Cross is by Donna M. Olson called Cross Bookmarks.  I was able to finish.  It turned out rather nice.  It felt so nice to finish something that I have had laying around for quite some time.

Pink Hardanger Cross

Close-up of center section

I am happy to share my craft projects with others. 
I so enjoy seeing others craft projects also.  

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Knitted Fair Isle Gadget Bags

Fair Isle Gadget Bags
I took a class at a LYS several years ago to learn how to knit fair isle.
I enjoyed myself so much, that I made three extra.
I have always intended to sell them, but never had the time.
If you are interested in one I will sell them for $12 plus shipping.
They are 7 in. wide by 6 in. tall. Each bag is also lined.
Would make a great purse for a young girl.
Do you need a gift for a young girl in your life??
This purse would be a great gift.
Email me with the color combination you would like!

Happy Crafting!!!!