Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Christmas Ball Ornaments

It became a favorite place for us to visit and buy a new project
often last year.
Toward the end of the year, I found this wonderful book
about Christmas sewing projects.
The name of the book is Fast and Furious Holiday by G.E. Designs.
I bought fabric and started making one of the projects in the book-
Christmas Ball Ornaments.
I was hoping to be done by Christmas 2010, but here I am in
March and still not done.
The pictures above are the last of the ornaments to be sewn.
These are the ornaments that are finished sewing
and waiting for the bow to be attached.
This is one of the finished ornaments.
I have my gifts finished for this year ahead of time.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Crocheted Doilies

I love to make doilies. They are easy and quick.
I find crocheting easy to take outside and work on
while I am watching my children.
Isn't this one beautiful???
This is the second one I made.
The first one was for a gift and I liked it so much,
that I had to make one for my home.
Hopefully someday, my children will have lots of items
to decorate their homes with from ours now.

Isn't it lovely under my candles
adorning my dresser?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My darling daughter

For my darling daughter, I made this crown
for her birth announcement.
It was my first large project tatting.
I was able to finish it the night she was born.
What a great day!!!

Here is a close up of the design.

25 Motif Challenge

As I have been looking at others tatting sites,
I ran across the 25 Motif Challenge.
I would like to participate, so here are my first two
motifs for the challenge.
This first snowflake is from Festive Snowflakes and Ornaments
edited by Barbara Foster. This is Snowflake #7.
I used size 20 thread and Lizbeth #628.

My second motif is from the Celtic Tatting Knots & Patterns
by Rozella F. Linden. This motif is the Celtic Snowflake.
My motif is no bigger than a quarter and I could not get my camera to
take a clear picture. I will try again.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

My wonderful husband

I made these items for my wonderful husband.
They are on the wall beside his bed.
It shows my love for him.

A lovely tatted heart for my wonderful husband. I made this for him for Valentines Day.

It is from a book that is only tatted hearts.
I hope you enjoy!!

Barbie Fun

Although these pictures are not in the order I
would like them, here they are!!!
I made for my daughters Barbie Doll. I
would like to make more, but another day.

This is a close up of a knitted blanket for Barbie.

An autumn poncho (above) and winter (below).

Barbie showing off her fine clothing.

Barbie!!! What fun it is to make clothes for my daughters doll.
This is a beautiful evening gown that I made for her.
Enjoy the ball!!!

More Tatting Creations

I love to make things for my children. This motif is one of those items.
This pretty motif is from the Be-Stitched site. They put a penny into the center

with a poem at the bottom. I did not do that, but put my child's name with
letters at the bottom.
I is just a little something do commemerate his birth.
The pink one is for my daughter
and the blue one is for my son.
I have not finished framing my daughter's one.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tatted Creations

This tatted bookmark is my new favorite item to make for friends.
I found this pattern on some website which I cannot remember at this point, but the pattern is taken from page 23 in the Tatting Doilies & Edgings book published by Dover Press edited by Rita Weiss. It is an adaption from edging #1. Isn't it pretty?

Another one of the motifs I've made in the last year.
This design is taken from Tatting Patterns and Designs by
Blomqvist and Persson.

Another one of the motifs I'vade in the last year.
This design is taken from Ta Patterns and Designs by
Blomqvist and Persson.

This is my favorite motif I have made lately.
It is from Festive Snowflakes & Ornaments by Barbara Foster.
I didn't think I would like this snowflake, but when finished,
I fell in love with it. So beautiful!!

Tatting Items

Over the weekend, I had the pleasure to look at lots of others tatting blogs. I had such a lovely time and am quite envious. I realized, that I did not have any of my tatting on my blog. So here are things I have made in the past. I do not have the time to find each book they came from at the moment. I will try to add who the designer was in the future. I did not design any of these motifs. They are all from others books I have bought over the years. I will try to load more pictures in the next few days of some other items.

This is a tatted name tag that I never made into an actual name tag.

These are some Christmas items I made in the last few years.

This is my first snowflake from a book I purchased last Christmas. I was going to make every snowflake in the book, but got side tracked onto a different project or child. Who knows???

This pretty pumpkin is from the Be-Stitched website. It was originally a Jack-O-Lantern Bookmark.
I just didn't want a bookmark and made one of the repeats.